Aviano Air Force Base
Aviano Italy

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Aviano AFB


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Aviano Air Force Base

Aviano Air Base is an Air Force Base of the USA, located in the North-Eastern part of Italy. The exact regionís name is Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and the near-by cityís name is Aviano. The base was named after this community which finds itself in the proximity of the base. Aviano is home to the 31st Fighter Wing, the division which gives the base its primary mission of "conducting local and expeditionary operations". The Air Base acts under the rule of the NATO. The base has been in use since 1911, just before the First World War broke out. The present-day Commander is Brigadier General Craig A. Franklin.

The base is very important as it is one of the terminals to the Middle East and also because it trains troops and a more-European manner. It has two F-16 fighter squadrons. Actually, the F-16 is the main aircraft used by the base. Some other aircraft are the F-18.

The housing and recreational facilities around are exceptional. First, Depart of Defense employees have easy access to the base, and they can also be easily accommodated. Outside people, however, are obliged to find accommodation in the towns around Aviano. Aviano AFB also has a wide range of vacation locations for its troops. Moreover, there is some very picturesque scenery around. The baseís logo features a Roman protection helmet and a thunder Ė the symbols of protection and attack force. Historically-speaking, the base has played a very important role in that it was the terminal and comeback-point for air combat missions and for training exercises. The educational facilities can be found in the near-by city of Aviano.

The press release after the tragic accident in which a service member died was not so favorable, but the staff decided that it was for the better that they let the press come there. There havenít been any airfield missions lately, apart from the many airlift exercises organized by NATO. The demographics for the base are of 5,400 and the population density is medium, according to the 2,000 census.